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Don’t Get Caught With Your Services Down


Our business was considering sponsoring another company’s* event and because my brand is on the line we of course had to check them out to see if it was something we wanted to pursue.

Since this only a sponsor consideration, there is no need to do a thorough look-see, so the following short check list of things will suffice:

Website – It’s up, running, gives the gist of what’s going on, and there’s a contact number.  Okay grade

Facebook – There are a fair amount of likes, they post often even though actual engagement is low. Great grade

Phone call – They answered, but the conversation goes customer service flat from there.  Substandard grade


We inquired about two specific services that were listed on their website, the representative didn’t seem knowledgeable about their services and spoke more about what they didn’t offer.  While she was nice enough to ask what stylist we wanted, she never asked my name, how we heard about their business, or attempted to get us in for a visit or schedule an appointment.   Hopefully it’s apparent at this point that I AM la Brand will not be lending its brand name to endorse or sponsor this company.



Brand Tip

Your logo, website, or social media platform makes a first impression, your service and how important you make potential and current clients feel leaves a lasting impression.  Your brand includes how you interact with EVERYONE at every encounter.  Answer that phone or respond to that email each time, with great service like it’s a million dollar deal.

Brand Must

ONLY associate your brand with brands that maintain the same values, work ethics, vision and yes, service appreciation that you and yours delivers.

Business 101  

Don’t leave money on the table, let it walk out the door, or get off the phone without attempting to provide service.  Ask inquirers how they’ve heard about you or your business.  Doing so gives you an idea of which marketing platforms are the most effective for getting the word out about your brand.  They are already interested, turn an inquiry into a sale.  Always be selling!

What are some of the things your team does to help with customer service and sales? 

*Company name not disclosed to protect the under-delivering party.


Until then … Brand Responsibly


Are Leaving YOUR Viewers Confused?



If I had a dollar for every time I was left with questions about what a person or company actually does, I would probably be writing this post from a private island.

If you’re like us, when you make contact with an individual or a company the first thing you do is … yep, check out their social media sites (I bet you’re nodding your head).   Guess what?  Your sites are being checked out by others too! So the question become, are your viewers confused and turned off before they get a chance to experience the benefit of your brand?  We certainly hope not, don’t miss another opportunity, or leave revenue on the table, try these couple of quick fixes as a start.


Profile Information

Complete the profile with clear and concise information about you and your services.  Even if it’s a personal page, don’t assume your friends and family on FaceBook already know what you do.  Make sure the information is clear and consistent on all the social media platforms that you use to promote yourself.

Leave potential clients with a good understanding and a feeling of connection with your services or products every time they come into contact with your brand.



It took us a while to create an account on Instagram, but now we are in love.  One of our favorite brands to watch is Happy Nappy Honey Inc.  Some brands get the concept and nail it, and some others …..  are still finding what works for them.   Use your photos to tell a story about who you are, what you do, and who you do those things for.  Include and showcase brands that compliment your services.


Content is KING .. or in our case Queenly!  No matter which social media platform you use, provide good content.  Don’t make your timeline the “Me Show” and, don’t attempt to sell on every post, people will eventually tune you out.  Provide your viewers with tips, how-to’s, and other beneficial information that will make them come back to your page again, bringing other loyal converts in tow.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but clarity is priceless.


Brand Responsibly



Brands that AM: Romona Foster

Brands that AM are my personal picks of individuals and entrepreneurs who stand out in their industry or communities.  These brands get it right by consistently and authentically delivering great content, products, and services that we are all better off knowing more about.


Romona Foster is the owner and social media trainer of Admin Tech Consulting, where she provides social media training (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), consultations, social media management, and teaches the best practices of email marketing to small businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

Often tagged as “the fixer” by her clients, the first three words Romona used to describe herself were ambitious, confident, and funny.  Having had many opportunities to engage with Romoma, I would add to that description list, authentic, extremely knowledgeable, and top notch customer service skills.   I am honored to feature Romona Foster as the first Brands that AM, read to know just a little more of why she rocks!

In your own words, what is personal branding?

It’s the ability to show people who you are.  What you do, what you can do for them whether it’s online or in person.  It’s all about how you live your life.

Who are you (as it relates to an entrepreneur, how your personal YOU connects in your work)?

I AM Romona Foster, social media trainer and consultant.  I love, love, love helping people both professionally and personally in any way that I am able.  I am a techie and very analytical. I need to know how things that interest me work.  If I don’t know how it works, I must, must look it up. [laughing]  I am very interested in eating healthy (though I do slip from time to time as I love desserts) and also research natural medicine and natural health in general.  What most people don’t know about me is that I studied culinary arts.  I am a trained chef and pastry chef, so I also love to cook and create new recipes.  Running is a passion of mine, and I have trained to run a marathon.

I know from our previous discussion, you initially provided administrative and technical services, why the switch to social media?

Social media just kind of hit me in my face, I was initially very much against it for personal reasons and then my pastor asked me to set a FaceBook page in 2009.  As a result of setting up that first page and managing it, the requests started coming in to do more of them.  I decided to place an online ad teaching LinkedIn.  The very first class, 5 people showed up, the feedback was a request for more information even though it was a two hour class.  I was onto something and decided to build my own social media profiles to promote myself and my services.

Romona Foster, Admin Tech Consulting - Linkedin Training - Facebook Trainer - Twitter Classes

How do you stay innovative?

I’ve been blessed to be a creative being.  I have brainstorming sessions with myself, and out of it comes some things that even amaze me.  I get a lot of ideas at the most inconvenient times such as when I am in the shower or when I am sleeping.  I have to be sure I write them down as soon as possible.

Finish this sentence, If I knew then what I know now ….

We are living in a society that is changing, turning into a entrepreneurial society.  I come from a family with a long line of the entrepreneurial mindset.  If I knew then how to follow my passion and purpose, I would have stretched out sooner, instead of doing what was expected.

What’s next for you, your business?

I can’t really say what is next. I have a lot of things in the works – some of which includes partnerships with other small business owners. What I can say is stay tuned.  I won’t disappoint you. [smile]

What is one tip of advice you would give to those who are using social media today for business or to look for career opportunities?

I would tell them, it is extremely important for them to create an online presence, and to brand themselves both personally and professionally – particularly if they have a common name. Why? While trying to convince some of the importance of social media, I’ll do a Google search on their name only to find less than flattering content or images of someone else that bares the same name. When potential clients or recruiters look them up – if they have never met them – they may get the wrong idea about them.

Keys+To+Success+Romona+Foster+Social+Media+Trainer 5x4

Romona is a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, certified Social Media Marketing Presenter, Email Marketing Trainer, and a recipient of the Constant Contact 2012 ALL STAR Award.  Contact her now for more information on training schedules and to get started on your social media strategy for your personal brand.  click here. Tell her VanB sent ya!

Until then ..   Live Out LOUD

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