How’s YOUR Curb Appeal?

In almost every consultation I have with a client, I remind the individual how important service, a useful product and great content is to their brand.  Equally important to any brand is its image.  In using the example of a house for sale, If the curb appeal isn’t impressive at first sight, it’s then harder to entice a potential purchaser to buy or invest in your real estate.  The same concept applies to us as professionals in any industry.  Would you confidently sit in the chair of hairstylist whose hair is long overdue for its own styling?

In a move to test my services strengths and areas of needs improvement, I have decided to become my own client.   <- – – There’s a LOT to be said about that last sentence, because if you wouldn’t use YOUR product or service, why would …. Ok, that’s a different post for a later time.

My first area of self-inspection for my personal brand was my image.  Not bad, but now WOW, I could do better.  To make sure my “curb appeal” is in keeping with the rest of my brand worth I did an assessment, set achievable goals and researched healthy meal replacements and supplements to get started on this personal challenge.  I settled on 310 Nutrition who by the way have some   rave online reviews.

What better way to set a goal and expect be held accountable?  Do it publically!

What better way to achieve your goals than to get started …. NOW

310 Nutrition


And So It Begins!!!!

With products in hand, today … not the first of the month, or a new year’s resolution … TODAY I will start.  Join me as I share my journey of the good, bad, and ugly but determined successful outcome of my 50 pound weight loss goal.

Interested in setting a personal image, weight loss goal and joining me?  Make a comment, share your updates, photos and we can support and blame one another J


*** PLEASE NOTE,  I am NOT a personal trainer, health or nutrition specialist.  Any product information, photos and videos are my own opinion unless specified.  Please consult your own professionals before starting any physical lifestyle changes.  BUT, don’t let that be your excuse, get checked out and let’s pull it together.

Until then … Live Out LOUD!

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