Life Reminders from a Toddler

Today was pretty much like any other day of work.  I was in full “Make it Great” mode, bursting at the seams with creativity, genius ideas at my fingertips along WITH the care of my 4 year old daughter who’s home from school.  I successfully bargained for some quiet with a pinky-promise of mommy daughter fun time a little later, and then it was time to pay the piper or in this case, my little person.  Minutes into coloring, she caught me checking my emails and twitter on my phone and called me on it .. “You’re not supposed to do that, it’s mommy and me coloring time!”    Guilty, I was instantly reminded that nothing I had to do was as important as investing, and being in the moment with the one I love.

Mommy and Sugar Baby

While working on our master pieces, a couple of other things came to mind that we big kids sometimes forget:

Create your own kind of beautiful – Of course blue, purple, green, and brown go together well.

Break some rules – Color outside the lines, it makes things interesting.

Laugh  .. really hard! – Nothing’s that hard or serious.  Life without laughter isn’t a full life.

SEE more than you see. – A square is a box, or a table, or a pillow, or an open door to walk through.

Take naps often – time out and quiet times are needed to center and restore your YOU.

Manners still matter – Everyone’s welcome to the table as long as you play nice and share.

I’m off to finger paint, I can’t wait to find out what I am reminded of next, how about you?.  Enjoy!


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Until then … Make it Great!

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I AM an entrepreneur, personal brand consultant, God chaser, self confessed "Pull It Together Queen" fun loving mom who's willingly addicted to coffee, lip gloss and living out loud.

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